Hi, I’m Jill.


In 50+ years, I’ve lived a few lifetimes. Lucky adopted kid, college and career girl, wife and homeschool mom of 6 kids, divorced-and-back-to-work woman, remarried and reinvented. Through all the crisis and victory, some stories have emerged. Since I’m only in the middle, it’s time to inspire and work with others, because LIFE is made of LIFETIMES.

What makes me tick

My inspiration is in the printed word, around the dinner table, over the wine glass, in front of the crowd or camera, in the classroom and around the community. People energize and motivate me. My creativity is found in a crowded room full of amazing people. Collaboration and communication are my buzz words. If the word Woo and the letters ENFJ are meaningful to you, that’s me.

What I DO

I tell my story, and help others tell theirs. I write, edit, plan, strategize, promote, execute and celebrate. I also cook a bit, and share my recipes, adventures and love of good food and the people around it. The last six years have found me on organic farms, in front of a TV camera, prepping food for photo shoots and leading marketing campaigns for a co-op and a non-profit.


I want to help you tell your story and meet your goals. Maybe you have a small business, a non-profit, an event, a daunting email list, a bunch of jumbled words on a page. Let’s collaborate! I’ll plan your event, develop your recipes, write your blogs, focus your social media strategy, inspire your crowd and spread your word.