Worth, Opinions and Being Brave

Yesterday, I met with my editor from the Sun Sailor to talk about future columns I want to write, and to learn about expectations and guidelines.

This was our first in-person meeting and therefore she got the fresh experience of my word tumble/jumble and big personality that often takes some getting used to. Lucky her!

After a few minutes of me being extra, she commented that the person she was talking to wasn’t the same person who wrote the first two columns. The person she was meeting didn’t come out in the writing of those columns. And she wanted to know why I played it so safe . . . Really good question. My answer was a very lame “sometimes I take up too much space in the room, and didn’t know how much of me people really wanted to hear.” I got a smile, a reminder that my column lived on the opinion page, and people would really then, therefore, expect my opinions.

Never ask a Gemini for her opinions.

I’m really excited to push the edge going forward. It’s ok if I ruffle feathers, apparently. It’s also fine if my opinions lean toward uncomfortable, because discussion and discovery reside in places of discomfort. There are a few topics brewing now which I hadn’t considered. Go me.

Also recently, I sat down with a very smart and experienced woman in my same general field of work, for a two hour one-on-one coaching session. We talked about the work I want to do, what I’m good at, what my brand and voice look and sound like, and how to thoughtfully approach the creative freelance world. My biggest takeaway was hearing her say more than once, “You remind me of me when I first started. You want to help everyone, and probably aren’t discussing fees up front, and maybe want to give away some of your time and talent because you want to earn their trust and business.” YUP.

I’ll never forget those words. My time has value, monetary value. The things in my brain that come out of my mouth or onto paper or a screen, those are worth money. WHO KNEW? It’s my time to know now.

She also helped me narrow my focus as to what I want to do. We also talked about how to conduct phone and in-person meetings, put together some basic services and pricing options and then really ask for the work. Incredibly helpful.

I feel brave in a lot of situations, primarily social. Why the struggle to leap to bravery in the self-employed freelance world? Maybe because I am a helper and nurturer by nature, or because I’m a woman, or maybe just that I’m new to this chapter in my career. Either way, I feel more equipped to be brave now, to ask and expect and follow up and believe in the worth of my time and talents. A good coach is invaluable!

Here goes me! What a marvelous time to be that.