Friday Night

Wanna know what Sassy and her kids are doing for dinner tonight?

Mr. Sassy is traveling, so it's Mom and the kids.

So we're calling Dominos Pizza.  Seriously.  My kids chose that.  I make great home made pizza, we have a delicious local place that makes their own crust and sauce and uses interesting toppings.  But no.  My sassy kids want Dominos.

That's ok by me.  We're having a friend join us, and we'll sit in front of the fire and watch "How To Tame Your Dragon" and eat doughy, bland pizza and enjoy being together.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  If you're in the mood for home made pizza, use some of that Red Sauce from the other day - it makes a great pizza sauce.  Love your kids, enjoy the the love of the ones you're with, and count your blessings.