Thanksgiving - Prepping Food and Love

Tomorrow is shopping day!  I'll be picking up my de-boned and butterflied turkey breasts from the meat department, plus the rest of my groceries for the meal.  The man plans to hit Trader Joe's wine shop for a few bottles of white (either Sauvignon Blanc or an un-oaked Chardonnay) and a few bottles of red (Pinot Noir works best for turkey dinner), and a bottle of Prosecco for the two of us to toast the day, before company arrives.

Amazing how much prep has to go into the whole deal, isn't it?  Many families do pot-luck style holidays, which takes some of the heat off the hostess.  But there's still the shop-prep-cook-clean house frenzy that comes with it all.

Thanksgiving is a pure holiday.  By that I mean, it's all about food and family.  No gifts, little decor, and really only one big day.  The focus can be on the people and the sharing of food and thanks.  That's what makes it so pure!

We here at Sassy HQ are very thankful for many things.  A family in harmony is one of them.  We all love each other, get along, enjoy each other's company, all that jazz.  No fights, no cold silences, no grudges.  That is a blessing indeed.  We have good health, jobs, homes, cars that mostly work, and many of the simple things that make for a happy life.

We try to be aware of those who are not so blessed.  My favorite thing to do is invite the lonely, unloved, or unlovely to share in our feast.  Orphans, strays, and misfits are people that need the invitations more than anyone.  Do you know such people?  Can you put another chair at your table?  Scrounge an extra plate in the cupboard and fill it with food and love?  There's probably someone in your neighborhood, office, church or wider circle of acquaintance - INVITE THEM.  Trust me, whatever blessing they get out of the whole deal, yours will be ten-fold.

18 people will sit down to eat at our house on Thursday.  We're hoping for a few extras to show up for dessert and games later.  God has blessed us tremendously, my husband's business is going well, and we have food to share.  We will give hearty thanks to the One who has blessed us, and thanks to each other for love and family and big-hearted joy.
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