Gingerbread Houses

Lest you think it's all "homemade" around here, today was Gingerbread House Day at Chez Sassy. 

Remember that whole "I don't like decorating cookies?" thing from the other day?  There's a good reason we (I) chose Sunday for the gingerbread houses - Mr. is home and can lead the project.  I on my couch and they at the table - that works best for everyone.  My much better half is very patient, good with reading directions, and actually enjoys the whole creative design thing. 

So I bought a kit at Target.  They had a few to choose from, and we liked the little village one the best.  Five small houses were included, which meant the four middle kids each had their own, and the teen and the tot did one together. 

I paid a whopping $9.99 for our kit, which are now on sale for $8.  The kids enjoyed the process so much, it took all of 30 minutes to make them from start to finish, and Dad kept his cool so well, it would have been worth triple the price I paid :)

Here's some pics to enjoy.  We are NOT eating these things ourselves, but will include them in the sweets feast on New Year's Day when we have lots of friends over for skating!  Hoping they survive the next two weeks on the table (dog and 3 year old are considered a threat).

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