Memorial Day Burgers

Thought I'd show you a picture of MY burger from today, and one of Eric's.  He had a fancy Asiago Cheese Ciabatta roll.  Me?  Low carb.  Who cares when the burger and toppings are this good????

Leaf of romaine lettuce on the bottom.  Then burger (seasoned with salt, pepper and bacon grease, grilled to perfection by Eric).  Topped with blue cheese, bacon, jalapenos, tomato, sauteed onions and mushrooms, and sliced avocado.  A drizzle of blue cheese dressing finished it off quite nicely.

I hardly even know what all he piled on here.  It's just so pretty it had to be photographed.  The fact that he got his mouth around it amazed us all.  He says he's part rattlesnake - dislocated jaw deal, I guess.