Thanksgiving Prep and Joy

Been in the kitchen all day?

I have.  A couple days now.  But since it's my favorite place to be, it's all good.  The old girl feels a bit tired and thanks to my ceramic tile floor, the hips and back are a teensy bit achy, but that's for old people who like to complain, so never mind.

I want to wish you a VERY Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thanks for reading my blog, trying the recipes, giving me your feedback.  I'm doing this for you and for me, so keep interacting, it's great.

Here's hoping you spend the day with the people you love the best, eating the foods you love the most, and taking more than a brief moment to stop and think about what you're thankful for this year.  Lots of people are hungry, hurting, or alone.  Some people are sick and in pain and long for a loving touch and a kind word.  I hope you all are among the joyful and well.

A little tip before you attack your bird tomorrow:  Be Prepared.

I've cooked probably 20 turkeys in my years.  And I learned a little trick many years ago that helps me get the bird ready to cook in the morning, and keeps the flow happening.  I use an electric roaster, and set it up on a table in my laundry room - out of the way, accessible to me :)

Oh, yeah, the tip:

Prepare a tray the night before.  Think of it like a surgical tray - everything at the ready!

Mine includes:

-  Instant read thermometer

-  Salt and pepper

-  Stick of butter

-  Pint jar with 1/3 cup flour (approx)

-  Spoon for stuffing the bird

-  Twine, for trussing

-  Skewers, for trussing

-  Fat separater

-  Baster

-  Scissors

-  Cotton gloves for extracting the hot bird out of the roaster

-  Wire whisk for making gravy

(in the morning, I'll take a quart of chicken broth out of my freezer)

I'm heading down to the laundry room now to set up the table, roaster, and tray.  Hoping the dog doesn't eat the butter before morning.

Many blessings to you and yours, have a wonderful day!