Fairy Garden

This is my 9 year old daughter Elsa.

With her fairy garden, under a bush, at the edge of my perennial flower garden.

We've read books, visited shops, taken pictures, gathered ideas, and planned out just the perfect fairy garden for us.

If you don't have fairies that visit your garden, I am very sorry for you.  They usually come without invitation or a space to rest, but you have to want them to come.  And you have to believe.  We believe here.

What you see above is 3 flower pots, dug into the ground, and one flower pot saucer.  Eric helped a bit with design and execution, Elsa and I gathered materials and ideas.  Sally hovered, but isn't quite as into fairies as her big sister.  Wesley is threatening to add toy soldiers and storm the castle.

Here's the parts:

This is the bedroom and bathroom.  Succulent plants from the garden store, shells from Florida, bark from our trees, moss from our woods, rocks from an obliging neighbor, a few beads, and some fairy dust on the roof top.  Just as a welcome beacon.  The big shell is a tub, the bark structure houses the bed and dressing area.

This is the dining room.  Table, 3 chairs, plant and a gold bead for decoration.  Eric sawed the wood into nice shapes.

This is the beginning of the vegetable garden.  That's a tiny thyme plant.  We'll put in a few lettuce seeds.  Those are dolphins, in case you wondered.

There's a tower from an old wooden princess castle.  A tiny balcony around the back is the perfect place for a fairy to wait for a suitor, someone to recite poetry or play the lute.  There's some coral from Florida, a few more plants, and a little bench.

And below is the whole set-up.  We plan a series of suspension bridges to connect it all (twine and twigs) and no doubt there will be little flowers and gifts left from time to time.  We hope the weather doesn't wreak havoc much, and we know that both the fairies and the lovers thereof will straighten and repair and decorate as needed.  If you have a little girl, or are a little girl at heart, you will be delighted to have something like this in your garden.  And watch at night!  There are lights and sounds and flutterings that mean fairies are afoot!