Bossy Acres

There's nothing better than start-up.

Fueled by passion.

And sweat.

And more mud than God himself could possibly imagine.

Let me introduce you to 

Bossy Acres


These two women, Bossy E and Bossy K, are rockin' the organic soil down in Northfield, and selling their bounty through a CSA and around town at local farmer's markets, not to mention providing produce for local restaurants.

Here they are on Facebook:

Bossy Acres Facebook Page

I recently partook of a CSA sample box and HOLY MOLY the greens were amazing!  Let's just say I've eaten enough salads in the last few days to boost my health substantially.  Their micro greens.  Their romaine.  Their BOK CHOY.

Not long ago, I made a meal of 

Coconut Curry Fish and Cilantro Lime Rice

,  and had some rice and curry sauce left over.  Into the freezer it went.

Then the Bossy Acres bok choy called me from the fridge and said "glory, please."  Just a half pound of shrimp, a chopped onion, the leftover sauce, a bit more of the dry curry spice, and the bok choy!  Dinner was served.

There's the shrimp and the bok choy in the skillet, getting friendly.

And the finished dish.

So check out the 

Bossy Acres

 web site, "like" them on facebook, find them at farmer's markets, and enjoy them at restaurants.

Glad to see farmers who love food, love the earth, love people.