If you have a project, or even just an idea, you’ll need a plan. Holter Communications will get you from dream to launch, concept to execution. We can work together to determine your goals and target audience, and bring in each element of social media, email campaigns, maximizing web presence, blog writing, outreach and community support, public relations and launch events.


Content creation and Campaign plans

Every success starts with a plan. We will ideate and brainstorm to identify goals, strengths and gaps. The end result is a detailed plan of content and copy across all channels to ensure your voice and brand are heard and your engagement grows. 

Services include: 

  • Marketing audit and industry review

  • Editorial calendar and content creation

  • Ongoing campaign management

  • Analytics reports

Public Relations and media coaching

It’s all about relating to the public. Does it mean being a TV star? No, not unless you want it! For now, I can make your brand known to people who didn’t know they needed to know you. We’ll get you in front of every audience you desire and make your story relatable and relevant. Let’s get you connected, right now!

  • Press releases and media briefs

  • Media and public speaking coaching

  • Studio-ready sets, props and tips

  • High impact content


Social Media

There’s nothing mysterious about reaching your audience, but knowing the platforms breaks down the approach. Who you are on Twitter is a world (or inch) away from your Instagram presence. Facebook has a different audience than LinkedIn. We can integrate, share across channels and reach everyone you know that needs to hear your story. We’ll maximize your voice and create engaging content that pulls in and retains your followers.

  • Facebook • Instagram • Twitter

  • LinkedIn • Paid advertising